Running with a Coach

Running with a coach is growing in popularity with ordinary runners and is no longer for elite athletes. Be it personal one-on-one sessions, ‘virtual training’ or running with a guided programme, many runners are choosing some form of coaching to achieve their goals. Whether you a seasoned runner or a novice, there are several coachesContinue reading “Running with a Coach”

Road vs trail runners – what each can learn

By Jono Black & Dylan Stevenson of Running Science There’s always been a bit of an unspoken rivalry between road and trail runners. Yes, they’re part of the same team, but yet both want to believe that their discipline is the most hard-core. The speed and intensity of the road versus the lung busting climbs andContinue reading “Road vs trail runners – what each can learn”

Buying a pair of running shoes

With grateful thanks to the late Dr. Lindsay Weight, distinguished sports scientist and Comrades Marathon winner. There are three main things to concern yourself with when purchasing running shoes: Your biomechanics, mileage and training surfaces and your finances. Biomechanics This is by far the most important consideration. Understanding your own rhythm and running body dynamicContinue reading “Buying a pair of running shoes”