1930’s : Desperate dashes, close finishes – The Ballington Era (Part 1)

The first race of the 30’s saw a wiry, muscular runner line up in Durban as a novice. An athlete who had won the national 10-mile championships earlier that year. He was the 21 year old Wally Hayward, of Johannesburg. No one suspected him of any ambitions as a long distance runner. Nor could anyoneContinue reading “1930’s : Desperate dashes, close finishes – The Ballington Era (Part 1)”

1920’s : Heat and dust – The era of Arthur ‘Greatheart’ Newton – Part 2

By 1923 the race had taken on a far more serious look, even though race entries were down from the previous year. The practical jokers had been eliminated somewhere on the testing hills and the field looked a lot more serious. Phillips and Newton were the objects of much of the press attention. From theContinue reading “1920’s : Heat and dust – The era of Arthur ‘Greatheart’ Newton – Part 2”

Comrades Marathon – 1920’s – Part 1

Heat and dust – the era of Arthur ‘Greatheart’ Newton When the smoke cleared from a war weary world at the end of 1918, the dead numbered almost ten million. In four years far more people had died than in all the wars 100 years previously. Little wonder therefore that associations such as the LeagueContinue reading “Comrades Marathon – 1920’s – Part 1”

Road vs trail runners – what each can learn

By Jono Black & Dylan Stevenson of Running Science There’s always been a bit of an unspoken rivalry between road and trail runners. Yes, they’re part of the same team, but yet both want to believe that their discipline is the most hard-core. The speed and intensity of the road versus the lung busting climbs andContinue reading “Road vs trail runners – what each can learn”

Buying a pair of running shoes

With grateful thanks to the late Dr. Lindsay Weight, distinguished sports scientist and Comrades Marathon winner. There are three main things to concern yourself with when purchasing running shoes: Your biomechanics, mileage and training surfaces and your finances. Biomechanics This is by far the most important consideration. Understanding your own rhythm and running body dynamicContinue reading “Buying a pair of running shoes”

Antarctic Marathon – the start

“Good morning, good morning” the now familiar voice waking us for the big day. Eight in the morning and it was still dark. If ever I felt apprehension – this was it. Still on another level I was feeling alive really alive. We were all fellow adventurers, and the unknown was out there waiting. AfterContinue reading “Antarctic Marathon – the start”

Comrades Training – for the novice – July to December

With grateful thanks to the Late Don Oliver The winter period and beyond – covering July to December, is the time to lay a solid foundation for any serious Comrades training. That starts on January 1st every year. In July there are many different runners out there, with different levels of fitness and preparation. TheyContinue reading “Comrades Training – for the novice – July to December”