The Up Run

– originally published in the Nedbank Runners’ Guide to Road Race in South Africa  A detailed description for the Comrades Marathon route is not easy. Annually, there are many minor modifications as a result of road works, traffic congestion and changes in finish venue. The main features of the Comrades route are the dramatic physicalContinue reading “The Up Run”

Landmarks on the Comrades Marathon route

The land marks are presented in order, as you would find them on the up-run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. Durban – Archaeological evidence suggests that the Durban area had been inhabited by communities of hunter-gatherers as early as 100,000 BC. Mainly oral history has been passed down from early generations, with no written history ofContinue reading “Landmarks on the Comrades Marathon route”

Tell the generation following

Over its one-hundred years of history, the Comrades Marathon has been suspended for two catastrophes.  Both worldwide events, both posed a grave threat to mankind. During the first interruption, we were consumed by a world at war. The death and suffering endured between 1914 and 1918 was not enough to put an end all wars,Continue reading “Tell the generation following”

Nick Bester – questions and answers about drinking

Q – How many Comrades Marathon’s did you run?I ran 15 Comrades Marathons and dropped out once when my kneecap broke in half caused by the hammering and jarring on the road.  I was still lying in 5th place at halfway when I stopped. This alongside 1 other duathlon when I crashed with my bikeContinue reading “Nick Bester – questions and answers about drinking”

Running with a Coach

Running with a coach is growing in popularity with ordinary runners and is no longer for elite athletes. Be it personal one-on-one sessions, ‘virtual training’ or running with a guided programme, many runners are choosing some form of coaching to achieve their goals. Whether you a seasoned runner or a novice, there are several coachesContinue reading “Running with a Coach”

Thanks to the Boer War – South Africa competed in the 1904 Olympics

It is difficult to understand the history of our country sometimes, very difficult. I remember it was just a few years after the war when things seemed a little more settled between Boer and British. After hostilities ended General Piet Cronje, now a penniless and dejected man was persuaded to take part in the BoerContinue reading “Thanks to the Boer War – South Africa competed in the 1904 Olympics”

Comrades Marathon – Elena Nurgalieva

With grateful thanks to Elena Nurgalieva – eight times winner.Translated from Russian. Just over 20 kilometres to the finish line. In normal life twenty kilometres is my favourite workout – you run easily and effortlessly, enjoying the views around you, negotiating with your sister or listening to some audiobook or energetic music. Time flies, niceContinue reading “Comrades Marathon – Elena Nurgalieva”

Comrades Marathon – looking back over a century 1921 to 1949

The running of the 95th edition of this great race is still a great uncertainty. The race has only been put on hold twice in its history, once in the face of a world war and once for a pandemic. Whatever happens this year, one thing is for sure, the race will turn 100 inContinue reading “Comrades Marathon – looking back over a century 1921 to 1949”

1940 – The war clouds close in and stop the race – echoes from the past once peace reigns

From the very beginning it was going to be difficult to stage the 1940 race. Yes, life seemed pretty much normal in South Africa at the time. Men were attending camps and the country was preparing itself for a war, but the harsh reality of a war with Hitler’s forces in Europe seemed another worldContinue reading “1940 – The war clouds close in and stop the race – echoes from the past once peace reigns”

1930’s : Desperate dashes, close finishes – The Ballington Era. (Part 2)

Even though the field was small for the 1935 “Down” race, the day was glorious, the sun was shining, a big difference from the previous two years. Interest was high. Ballington and Cochrine had established themselves as great rivals. There too was a dark horse on the start line. That was Johannes Coleman. Some yearsContinue reading “1930’s : Desperate dashes, close finishes – The Ballington Era. (Part 2)”