Running the whole way is a comprehensive, all encompassing understanding of running. It’s about wholeness, going the distance. It’s about everything

Running is a demanding sport, make no mistake. Sometimes it asks of you your all, no excuses, no exceptions. It is also generous. Good health along with a positive and optimistic frame of mind are two of its bountiful gifts. Our blog celebrates this by taking a holistic approach, from your training to the way you wear your shoes. We paint the colourful picture that makes up the world of races and we honour the heroes and heroines that battle with the road and go the distance. For us there is only one way to run, the whole way. No compromise.  



We draw on the knowledge and experience of several well known trainers and coaches. Weather you are a novice or a seasoned campaigner, you will find something useful here, More


The South African events calendar is dynamic and changes often. The best way to keep up is to visit RunnersGuide. Running has so many interesting and colourful events. More

Shoe advice

If it’s shoes and advice you need, you are definitely in the right place. The right shoe for the kind of runner you are. Most models are road tested before they find their way onto this platform. More


Besides training for that all important race and running in the correct shoes, there are still many things to consider – eating right, thinking right and stretching. More.

Three running gurus moderate and contribute to this blog, all have made their mark on the sport.

Tom Cottrell – Has been associated with the Runners’ Guide for more than 30 years. His contribution to road running was recognised in 2006 when he was inducted into the Runner’s World Hall of Fame. He was the first Run/Walk franchisee in South Africa and coached many top executives to achieve lives of balanced health and fitness. As a motivator on the Comrades Marathon Panel Talks he helped hundreds achieve their medal ambitions.

Nick Bester – There can’t be very many people either inside the running world or even outside who don’t know the name Nick Bester.  It seems Nick has been around forever and those with a good memory will remember his Comrades win in 1991. He was always a serious contender and also has nine Comrades gold medals to his credit as well as six silvers.  He is the national manager of the Nedbank Club and head coach. He has spearheaded numerous successful campaigns with multiple wins in many local and international races.

Jax Snyman – If you’ve ever popped into our Dunkeld West store on a Saturday his face is a familiar one. Jax is the owner of The Sweat Shop and long-time shoe guru. He has an interesting path into running – his first ever running race was the Comrades Marathon. This was pre-qualifying days and not something recommended. This was enough to haunt him but also get him hooked to the sport. He later took the marathon distance most seriously and finished fifth the South African Marathon Champs some years ago in Stellenbosch.

Jax Snyman – Nick Bester – Tom Cottrell
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