Comrades Marathon – looking back over a century 1921 to 1949

The running of the 95th edition of this great race is still a great uncertainty. The race has only been put on hold twice in its history, once in the face of a world war and once for a pandemic. Whatever happens this year, one thing is for sure, the race will turn 100 in 2021.

To celebrate this we take a nostalgic look back at some of the highlights and heroes of the Comrades Marathon.

The first few postings tell of the humble beginnings of the Comrades in the wake of the Great War (1914 to 1918.) They look at the close races that took place in the 1930’s and close off with the 1940’s. The organisers then took the unprecedented decision to suspend the race because of the Second World War. It is something we all can understand and relate to now as we are in the grip of a pandemic.

Happy New Year, I hope we can meet soon again on the Old Road

  1. Heat and Dust – the 1920’s – Part 1
  2. Heat and Dust – the 1920’s – Part 2
  3. Desperate Dashes – the 1930’s – Part 1
  4. Desperate Dashes – the 1930’s – Part 2
  5. War Clouds

The next episode in this series will look at the 1950’s, and the making of a legend.

Arthur Newton the first Comrades runner to win five times. Here he is on his way to winning the London to Brighton in 1924

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