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Comrades Marathon looking back over a century

Thanks to the Boer War – South Africa competed in the 1904 Olympics

It is difficult to understand the history of our country sometimes, very difficult. I remember it was just a few years after the war when things seemed a little more settled between Boer and British. After hostilities ended General Piet Cronje, now a penniless and dejected man was persuaded to take part in the BoerContinue reading “Thanks to the Boer War – South Africa competed in the 1904 Olympics”

Comrades Marathon – Elena Nurgalieva

With grateful thanks to Elena Nurgalieva – eight times winner.Translated from Russian. Just over 20 kilometres to the finish line. In normal life twenty kilometres is my favourite workout – you run easily and effortlessly, enjoying the views around you, negotiating with your sister or listening to some audiobook or energetic music. Time flies, niceContinue reading “Comrades Marathon – Elena Nurgalieva”

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